• Alex Vellis

    Alex Vellis is an award winning poet, published  author, and playwright from Canterbury, Kent. He is  the poet in residence for Wise Words Festival (Kent), the Eleto Chocolate Café, and Canterbury Connected (BID). (more…)

  • Jocelyn Mosman

    Jocelyn holds a B.A. in English and Politics from Mount Holyoke College. She has been published in numerous anthologies and literary magazines in both the U.S. and the U.K. (more…)

  • Lucas Howard

    Lucas Howard is a rhythm based performance poet, hosting nights across the South East for the past ten years. A lover of words, he has dedicated himself to helping others find their voice and confidence through the medium. (more…)

  • Sadie Davidson

    Sadie Davidson is a former stripper and recovering addict turned writer, performance poet, and poetry slam champion. Her poems have been published in a number of books and anthologies and she has performed at many music, book and literary festivals. (more…)

  • Sam Rapp

    Sam Rapp is a Sussex-born writer and dyslexia activist. She performs around the country as “Sam Rapp, The Dyslexic Poet”
    Her work has seen her win various awards, including the Positive About Dyslexia competition in 2018. “Rant: Dyslexic Me” is her first collection.  (more…)

  • Sven Stears

    Performer, Poet, Artist and Birdbrain. Sven Stears is a Bristol based polymath. His work draws on the struggles of life. He paints pictures we can all relate to, with hidden messages of hope.

    He was mentored by poets Dan Simpson, and Joelle Taylor and has gone on to share stages with Shane Koycszan and Buddy Wakefield, work alongside Dizraeli, and support Neil Hilborn. He is one of Bristol’s foremost poets, winner of multiple slams, a Bristol Champion and a National Slam Finalist.
    As a spoken word poet he has performed across the UK and internationally, in an array of different events and venues. Metal gigs, festivals, and the albert hall and many others. He’s run workshops in schools and youth centres, been involved in multiple art and literary projects, and mentored other poets. He started, and produced the Bristol events, ArtBattle, a competitive live painting competition, and InkBomb, a distinctly punk poetry event. He has presented a documentary about poetry in the southwest, been played by the BBC and published in numerous journals and magazines. His first book is due for release in 2020.
    Praise for Sven Stears;
    “Sven uses metaphors that stay with you” Leah Cohen – Write Angle
    “Sven’s writing gives you the hug you didn’t know you were missing, it holds you you the way you deserve to be held, and then it grips you around the throat. A talented writer that explores love and tenderness, hope and home, loss and life. He is a gifted poet.” Alex Vellis

    Facebook: PoetrySvenWrites
    Twitter: @SvenStears
    Instagram: sven_stears/


  • Angela Dye

    Angela Dye is a poet, novelist, script-writer, teacher, part-time journalist and full-time artistic dynamo, published in various anthologies and magazines. Her first collection, a collaboration with Matt Chamberlain, “The Echo Chamber” was released in March 2018 through Whisky & Beards. (more…)

  • Cat Howe

    Cat Howe is an educator, poet and musician from Southend-on-Sea, Essex. She is an English teacher by day and writer by night. Catherine lives with her young son, partner and two cats near the seaside. (more…)

  • Connor Sansby

    Connor Sansby is a Poet, Author, Festival Producer and Editor-in-Chief for Whisky & Beards Publishing. Since 2013, Connor has performed across the South of England, from London to Margate, and almost everywhere in between.
    As a producer he has worked with national  talent, as part of the Margate Bookie and as Poet-in-Residence for Tom Thumb Theatre.
    His work touches on themes of cultural waste, depression and the uncomfortable in the everyday. (more…)

  • Laura Kestrel

    A West-country girl at heart, the beautiful, sometimes mythical landscape and not-so-beautiful realities of growing up in Cornwall have influenced Laura’s poetry throughout her childhood, as a way to express herself in a way that no other medium quite could. Empowering on both a general, and individual level, she focuses on giving strength to the female voice in society. (more…)

  • Matt Chamberlain

    Matt Chamberlain has previously published five poetry collections (one a collaboration with Spreken) and featured in various magazines, journals and anthologies. “The Echo Chamber“, a collaboration with Angela Dye, is his first through Whisky & Beards. (more…)

  • Penny Tigerlily Lane

    Penny Tigerlily Lane is a Kent based spoken word artist and the creator and host of Dead Island Poets Society, a monthly spoken word social event and performance night. A powerful voice, Penny is a veteran of the spoken word scene and a dynamic performer. Her poetry is that of red wine, heartache and dogs. (more…)


  • Edward Hatfield

    Since he was a child, Edward has had an all-consuming passion for languages, especially the archaic and obscure. Beginning self-studying ancient Egyptian at age 12,  shortly followed by Latin, Ancient Greek, basic Welsh and Scottish Gaelic. By the end of college, his word-horde also included French, Old English, Old Norse and basic Dutch. (more…)

  • Steven Todd

    Steven Todd has had 36 jobs, including 30 years as a postman, but his heart has always been in theatre. He hasn’t a single qualification, and before the kind intervention of Whisky & Beards his scripts were always handwritten. (more…)