Sven Stears

Performer, Poet, Artist and Birdbrain. Sven Stears is a Bristol based polymath. His work draws on the struggles of life. He paints pictures we can all relate to, with hidden messages of hope.

He was mentored by poets Dan Simpson, and Joelle Taylor and has gone on to share stages with Shane Koycszan and Buddy Wakefield, work alongside Dizraeli, and support Neil Hilborn. He is one of Bristol’s foremost poets, winner of multiple slams, a Bristol Champion and a National Slam Finalist.
As a spoken word poet he has performed across the UK and internationally, in an array of different events and venues. Metal gigs, festivals, and The Albert Hall and many others. He’s run workshops in schools and youth centres, been involved in multiple art and literary projects, and mentored other poets. He started, and produced the Bristol events, ArtBattle, a competitive live painting competition, and InkBomb, a distinctly punk poetry event. He has presented a documentary about poetry in the southwest, been played by the BBC and published in numerous journals and magazines.
Praise for Sven Stears;
“Sven uses metaphors that stay with you” Leah Cohen – Write Angle
“Sven’s writing gives you the hug you didn’t know you were missing, it holds you you the way you deserve to be held, and then it grips you around the throat. A talented writer that explores love and tenderness, hope and home, loss and life. He is a gifted poet.” Alex Vellis

Facebook: SvenStearsPoet
Twitter: @SvenStears
Instagram: svenstears