Connor Sansby

Connor Sansby is a Poet, Author, Festival Producer and Editor-in-Chief for Whisky & Beards Publishing. Since 2013, Connor has performed across the South of England, from London to Margate, and almost everywhere in between.
As a producer he has worked with national  talent, as part of the Margate Bookie and as Poet-in-Residence for Tom Thumb Theatre.
His work touches on themes of cultural waste, depression and the uncomfortable in the everyday.In 2016, Connor released his first short story collection, “I am not a well person”. His first collection of poetry, “Promise Me The Journey Back” was released in April 2018. His next collection, tentatively titled “Painting Happy Faces,” will see him reflect on the industry of poetry and the trials and tribulations of the poetry scene.

He can be found on his personal website and on Facebook

Twitter: @WhiskyBeards
Instagram: @WhiskyBeards
Amazon Back-Catalogue: Connor Sansby