Sadie Davidson

Sadie Davidson is a former stripper and recovering addict turned writer, performance poet, and poetry slam champion. Her poems have been published in a number of books and anthologies and she has performed at many music, book and literary festivals.

Sadie is a co-host of the Estuary Fringe Festivals open mic event, Dangerous Poetry, and lives with her partner and two children in Essex. She has been described as “furious and unstoppable” by spoken word promoters and is said to “bite with lighting – like fury and machine gun delivery”.
Tales from the Estate” is her first collection. Her CD “Council House and Silent” was released in late 2017 under Spoken Label.
In 2019, Sadie released her second book, “The Poverty Guide Handbook“, also through Whisky & Beards.
In 2018 and 2019, Sadie was a semi-finalist at the UK Slam. In 2019, she became Kent Poetry Champion, a feat which also saw her enter the Hammer & Tongue National Finals
She is constantly surprised by all of this.

Facebook: sadiedavidsonpoet