Publish Through Us

Whisky & Beards are sorry to announce that our open submissions policy has changed. Due to the incredible work our team have done, we’re now simply too busy to work with everyone.
This doesn’t mean we’re going away though!
We’re simply narrowing our focus a little. Kent is home to some brilliant writers and we still want to hear from you, we just want the chance to be friends first. Folks from Whisky & Beards can be found at dozens of writers groups, poetry nights and other events around Kent, so if you’d like to work with us – Come and talk to us! 
We really enjoy the light-hearted relationships we’ve built over the last few years and we want more like that. This is art, it shouldn’t be about dry marketing or a “contractor-freelancer” relationship and our new policy helps develop this.
See you on the road, we can’t wait.