Laura Kestrel

West-country born, the beautiful, sometimes mythical landscape and not-so-beautiful realities of growing up in Cornwall have influenced Laura’s poetry throughout their childhood, as a way to express themself in a way that no other medium quite could. Empowering on both a general and individual level, their work focuses on giving strength to the female voice in society.

Throughout their teenage years, Laura would incorporate poetry into any schoolwork wherever it allowed. Following this, in college, they began applying to poetry competitions, and having them submissions chosen. Their work has been displayed at various exhibitions in Cornwall, and they represented the South-West in the 2016 National Poetry Anthology. For the last 5 years, Laura has also been freelance writing for three different national magazines, as well as creative-directing several large-scale photo-shoots for publication. 2016, however, was a turning point, in various ways. One of these was lifting their pen from the page, and taking to the stage with spoken word. Since coming back to University in the Autumn, they have been performing poetry regularly and writing new material at any opportunity they get. The culmination of them efforts came to fruition with their first book, Lambs with Manes of Lions, which was published 24th August 2017. After securing a job in Canada, Laura Kestrel has taken their poetry across the world, where they have been exploring the Canadian, Franco poetry scenes, alongside teaching English to French children.