Edward Hatfield

Since he was a child, Edward has had an all-consuming passion for languages, especially the archaic and obscure. Beginning self-studying ancient Egyptian at age 12,  shortly followed by Latin, Ancient Greek, basic Welsh and Scottish Gaelic. By the end of college, his word-horde also included French, Old English, Old Norse and basic Dutch.Edward based his BA in Classical and Archaeological studies on language modules (in Latin, Greek and ancient Egyptian) as well as dedicating days to furthering his understanding of Gallo-Brittonic, along with the necessary methods and theories involved in linguistic reconstruction. His work can be found in Pritanica and future volumes.
Edward divides his time between his linguistic pursuits and writing, and behind the forge at his Wolfshead Crafts, smithing weaponry, working leather and carving wood.

Facebook:  Wolfshead Crafts