Sam Rapp

Sam Rapp is a Sussex-born writer and dyslexia activist. She performs around the country as “Sam Rapp, The Dyslexic Poet”
Her work has seen her win various awards, including the Positive About Dyslexia competition in 2018. “Rant: Dyslexic Me” is her first collection. 

After leaving school at age 15 with no qualifications, due to her then undiagnosed dyslexia, Sam found her feet and has since become a Lawyer, Playwright and Poet .
A long way from her first poetry performance at age 18, part of a festival in Brighton, Sam has written several well-regarded plays, including a 2018 Duncan Rand Festival adjudicators award for her play “Innocence”, and has been published in Viva, Wandering Words, Confluence Magazine, Thanet Poetry Journal and An Audience of Judacious Heretics. 

A committed performer, she has performed at numerous festivals, including Rochester Literature Festival, Dickens Festival, Vicars Picnic, Maidstone Fringe, Exceptional Individuals Festival, Margate Soul Festival, Norwich, Maidstone & Canterbury Vegan Festivals and, her Amazing Dyslexics poetry show as part of Faversham Fringe.

In 2017, she was invited to speak at Crisis UK, the national homelessness charity, about her experience with homelessness, and was a regular panelist for BBC Radio Kent.

Facebook: sam rapp, the dyslexic poet
Twitter: SamRapp8
Instagram: samrapp_123