The Echo Chamber by Matt Chamberlain and Angela Dye

Welcome to The Echo Chamber, where one writer provides beautiful lyrical, anchoring poems and the other flies away with powerful concepts and glides on curious thermals. Steeped in metaphor and mixing reality and unreality, autobiographical and fictional, these forceful-yet-sensitive poems never jostle or compete; they feed each other. Beginning and ending with midnights, the book wakes quietly but clashes and clangs in crescendo. Take your torch into the Chamber; hear the notes; see the colours; taste the brewed berries and observe the many deaths.

You, too, may come full circle.

The Echo Chamber takes the form of a call and response collaboration between Angela Dye and Matt Chamberlain. As one poet suggests ideas and themes in their work, the other is left to interpret them and express them, creating a series of rippling images, distorting those that came before.

Praise for The Echo Chamber

“The Echo Chamber is a a supernatural phenomenon from two of Kent’s greatest linguists. Their way with words is akin to magic. It’s ineffable.” – Jonathan Terranova.

“Reading this book has been like uncovering the last lush strawberry of Summer and eating it, savouring the warmth and sweetness before being stung by the last wasp. The poems are powerful and sensual, especially in the way they explore the unspoken spaces between words. As a reader, it feels good for someone to highlight complex, difficult and often uncomfortable emotions. Having them spoken of, illuminated, brings about a sort of catharsis.” – S.M.Jenkin

The Echo Chamber is available from Amazon, as well as from the poets in person at poetry performances around Kent