A press release regarding last night’s book release

Within a hours of publishing our most recent book, the first casualities were reported from a string of horrific terror attacks.
The book in question detailed the history behind The Anarchist Cookbook, a guide to bomb building and social mayhem. It was written during a time of unrest in America, but the contents have still been used by those who would twist religion and use fear to justify the senseless murder of innocent lives.
It is for this reason, we have decided to withdraw the book whilst panic continues. Morally, it does not feel right knowing that some of the traffic towards the book is coming from those searching for information or those who have had their interests piqued. While no-one could use the contents of our book for any terrorist activities, It still feels wrong.
We do not believe in censorship, but a book like the one we released, at this stage, feels more like mockery. When the panic has ceased, and those responsible have been brought to justice, the book will be made available again.
Our thoughts go out to those who have lost lives, or loved ones in Paris.