About Us

Whisky & Beards Publishing is an author favouring publishing house and media network located in the South East of England to represent, develop and encourage writers and artists.
We release unique and eccentric work, with a focus on the works of writers based in Thanet, and we want you! Have you got a story to tell, poetry to share or a specialist subject you’d like to teach people about? That’s fantastic, let’s get together and get to work.
For years, the publishing industry has been built around a few successes supporting wasted expenses, but the industry is changing. As e-books become more and more popular, we’re not confined by strict size requirements or geographical limitations; we have an opportunity to manage money a lot wiser and pass those savings along to our authors.
We believe that publishers need their artists, not the other way round.
Consider the music industry. Despite the deigital takeover of music, record companies still want to make their £10 an album, leaving artists in the lurch, as greedy companies try and hold on to the business models of the past. The same thing is happening to literature, and we are ready.
We believe a DIY approach means never having to change your message for commercial purposes, meaning the work we release is the work you created. Art should never be held hostage by money.
That being said, we’re not a multi-million company, we’re just really nice people, with talents and experience that we use to help you bring out books.