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Lucas Howard has made great contributions towards the spoken word scene over the past fifteen years. Finding ways to navigate struggles with crippling self-doubt, a stutter and severe dyslexia, Lucas is fuelled by these challenges to help others to build their confidence and self-esteem through poetry, taking lively workshops to festivals and schools across the country.
Helping to organise and hosting numerous poetry events, including the successful Slam Dunk Poetry in Hastings, Lucas has helped to build a strong and lasting community of poets. He has helped to encourage many out of the woodwork, offering a platform, free promotion and support with networking. Lucas admits to never making a penny from poetry, often spending hundreds of pounds of his own money on a project – just to make sure it is a bloody good show!
We think it is time to repay Lucas’ contributions to the poetry scene by making his lifelong dream a reality.
Lucas has always wanted to combine two of his greatest passions by producing a design book of typographical poetry.
“I have always found it impossible to read a whole page of a book without there being a visual element of some kind. When my brain sees a body of text, it just switches off. It’s my wish to make a book of poetry for people like me.”
This is unlike any poetry book we have published before at Whisky and Beards, but we are absolutely set on helping Lucas to achieve his vision.

This is where you come in…

This pre-order represents our first crowdfunding effort and comes in the following packages:
– Signed and numbered hardcover copy “Of Few Words” – £14.99
– Signed and numbered hardcover copy “Of Few Words” and early digital copy – £19.99
– The above and a handwritten personal poem – £29.99
– “The Works” – all of the above, and a personal performance from Lucas Howard* – £100 (plus travel)
– An early digital version “Of Few Words” – £4.99


*only valid in Mainland UK. Backers outside of Mainland UK will recieve an exclusive livestreamed performance.

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