Margate Bookie Zine: Reset


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“The second Margate Bookie ‘zine is a chance to relax, reset, and hear experiences about what has happened over the last year and what is to come. Writers and artists from across the world have contributed fiction, memoir, poetry and more, to show us their worlds and thoughts from the strange times we’ve shared to the hopes for a ‘new normal’ future.

As a lit charity, The Margate Bookie strives to inspire a love of reading and writing. By engaging the local and wider online community in literary and artistic activities, we look for different and diverse ways to get people into spaces and experiences they haven’t previously enjoyed. The ‘zine is a way for us to reach out and connect across boundaries – and enjoy exceptional writing as we do so.”

Our friends at The Margate Booie have produced this fantastic print edition of their new zine, featuring writing from across the world, serving as a snapshot of society in 2021 as we prepare for the new normal.