#WinchesterFest – Poetry Livestreams


Update: Below are the current donation sources and income raised so far.
Justgiving: £80
Paypal: £0
Ko-fi: £0
BACS: £50

Total: £130
We currently have raised enough to keep the stream running for two months should we need to, however any unused money will be donated to local venues and producers.

Update: We reached our goal in a couple of hours! On behalf of the team behind this, the venues and producers we will be supporting, thank you.
Any additional funds raised will be donated to venues and producers with a report regarding income due Friday and another regarding expenses in 30 days.

As we prepare for isolation, it’s important that we stay connected however we can. As part of a small group of poetry producers, we’ll be launching poetry livestreams as often as possible.
We’re planning a robust infrastructure which means we need to invest in the software to run these. Once they’re up, we’ll be using them to raise money for the small venues who have looked out for poets in the past and the producers who have lost income.
Every penny we raise through the above link or private donations will be declared publically and divided up fairly, minus the costs of running the streams.

I’m reminded that the term “corona” itself can refer to the ring of light seen during an eclipse, the glimmers of light on dark days. It’s clumsy poetry but we be thinking of this, and how we can act as corona ourselves, spreading light in dark times.