Whisky & Beards Radio #5 – Stefan Gambrell

Those who keep an eye on our Facebook page will have noticed yesterday we posted a pre-order link to a new book by our long-time friend Stefan Gambrell, The Morphist.

As a poet, Stefan has shown his effortless way with words. Eloquent without pretension, it was only a matter of time before he produced a book. Imagine our surprise and joy when he mentioned he had a story ready to go. That bring us to now, with the book currently available for pre-order on Kindle.

To celebrate the release of The Morphist, we’ve prepared a week of content with Stefan, so be sure to check out everything we put out before Friday, starting with a podcast hosted by Amy & Charlie.

You might notice the poem at the end is “Very Wrong Choices” rather than “Just a Man, Damn”. After the interview was recorded, we received a full band version of “Very Wrong Choices” and thought it’d be a shame not to let you listen in.
The good news is, however, the track is available for download here.

Check in again tomorrow when we release our documentary with Stefan, directed by Charles Tolfree.