Jocelyn Mosman – Whisky and Beards Radio #3 & Book Launch!

This episode, Me and Stefan Gambrell sat down with poet Jocelyn Mosman, to talk performance, writing and teach her facts about the UK postal system. When doing a long form interview, it’s crazy to see what comes up in an hour.
In this podcast, we talk about the difference between the South East and American poetry scene, and Jocelyn shares her experience of competing in the US National Poetry Slam.

Jocelyn’s newest book, Soul Meets Body is available on 3/12/15 through Whisky & Beards Publishing.

Her previous books Soul Music and Soul Painting are also available for purchase.

We first met Jocelyn at the Gulb Slam (the exact one I’m sure you can find in our archive), and from the get go it was obvious to see her passion and dedication to poetry. When her feature slot came up the following month, she continued to wow with her wit, honesty and, even though she’ll deny it, her humour. In the short time she’s been over this side of the Atlantic, we’ve had a great time working with her and catching more of her performances in anticipation of her newest poetry collection.