More future talk, carrying a vision and day three of team invitations

Today I continue the theme of these last couple of days, with another breakdown of a friend that I wish to work with. Everyone I’ve written about comes from a background dedicated to the arts, and that rings true of today.
When I started this company, I wanted it to reflect the growing artistic talent in Thanet, especially Margate. A lot of people had lost love for Margate, but as it began to pull itself back up, I think many of those people chose to ignore the growth over the last few years. Perhaps it’s to keep them cool, or maybe they just don’t want to admit they’re wrong, but regardless, Margate is deserving of love and I need someone who believes this true. I need someone who is at the centre of the town, someone who is respected and connected. A public face to keep the company grounded to its home.
I had the pleasure to meet Cal Harris some years ago, but it was only really through his bar work that I began to spend much time with him. Many readers will recognise Cal as the man behind the Speakeasy poetry night that we held dear for a year, which sadly has come to an end lately. Cal put so much effort into that night, and it was that heart and soul that bound groups of disparate people though a common medium. In the near future, I happen to know he has a new vision to take the spirit of Speakeasy even further.
It was actually Cal that brought the upcoming “The Word” literary festival to my attention, and who helped me lay out so much of our program. Cal was invaluable with his mix of imagination, hard work and connections, and our weekend would not be anywhere near as impactful without his efforts. I hope to do many more things like this in the future, and it would be a travesty to not utilise Cal for this, a true wasted talent.
But underneath all of that lies a poet. Cal holds a degree in Creative Writing, and reading his work it becomes obvious the time spent learning form, rhythm and rhyme, as well as the immeasurable hours spent with classic literature. I believe it is this love of the classics that informs much of Cal’s ethos, his grand visions and his personality.
Whilst we hold onto our punk rock roots, we also aspire to grand heights, and if Cal is willing, I think he can help us communicate our vision, as our Marketing Director.