Cometry – Mixed up and Medicated @ The Underground 27/9/15

I love it when poets try something new, and over the last few months, Whisky & Beards writer Stefan Gambrell has done exactly that. Since his stellar debut at The Black Cat Comedy Club, he’s been making waves as a comedian, so he was always going to something for the recent Thanet Comedy Island Festival.
Enter “Cometry – Mixed up and Medicated”, a showcase combining spoken word poetry and stand-up comedy.
Opening act Alistair Tweed stepped up to the mic, initially soft spoken and disarming, he quickly launched into tales of S&M sex dungeons and animal condoms, all with the innocence and calm tone of your local vicar. Absolute filth, and very, very funny
Stefan returned as our MC to introduce “a man who finally has big enough balls to talk about the things you’re not allowed to ask him about”, and fellow Whisky & Beards writer, Charlie Tolfree.
Charlie has recently undergone an operation, and as he painfully eased his way onto stage, he opened up. I could talk about what a brave set it was, but I intend to see Charlie write about it himself. For those interested, I fully encourage you to watch the full set below.

Those who listened to our recent podcast with Charlie will have heard of his secret event that you’ll want to be able to tell people “I was there”. Well done, Charlie. Everyone at Whisky & Beards is proud of you.
Closing up the event, was our host. Stefan once again delivered a set that was both heart-aching in his portrayal of the suffering those with mental illness experience, and hilarious as he looks at both sides of life. Stefan’s natural way with words is obvious as he reeled off punchline after punchline to stories of his life. Anyone looking for something to think about should make their way to his next comedy performance.