Whisky & Beards is based in Margate, Thanet, Kent, a town in the South of England. Originally a seaside resort, Margate fell into disrepair in the 90’s and for many locals, it never seemed to get better.
With the announcement of the Turner Gallery, artists began flocking to Margate, regenerating the Old Town and bringing new life, new talent and a new stage in Margate’s history.
Now being heralded as “The next Brighton”, Margate has a thriving art scene, packed with all manner of creative individuals.

Whisky & Beards Publishing is an author favouring publishing house and media network located in the South East of England that represents, develops and encourages writers and artists.
We release unique and eccentric work, with a focus on the works of writers based in Thanet, and we want you! Have you got a story to tell, poetry to share or a specialist subject you’d like to teach people about? That’s fantastic, let’s get together and get to work.
For years, the publishing industry has been built around a few successes supporting wasted expenses, but the industry is changing. As e-books become more and more popular, we’re not confined by strict size requirements or geographical limitations; we have an opportunity to manage money a lot wiser and pass those savings along to our authors.
We believe in the rights of creators above all else, and that business needs creators, not the other way around.
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